Sonos controls in the Menu Bar

The Menu Bar Controller stays in the Mac's Menu Bar and allows you to control your Sonos system without losing focus

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The Core Features of the app

The app serves as an addition to the official Sonos App. By resting in the Menu Bar it is accessible and always updated

Control music

Play, Pause or skip to the next song

Change volume

Is the current song truly awesome. Increase the volume by scrolling the digital crown

Change the playlist

Start a playlist from your Sonos favorites or Sonos Playlists

Apple Shortcuts support

With macOS Monterey and Shortcuts you can fully automate most features of the app!

Send voice messages

Record and play custom voice messages to your speakers.

Set the station

Let your Sonos play radio by selecting any radio station from your Sonos Favorties

Group your speakers

Add speakers to your current group to share the music around your home

Sleep timer

Set a timer when the music should stop playing

Multiple households

Do you have another Sonos system in your holiday home? The app allows you to control multiple households

Keyboard shortcuts

Show the App, change the volume and mute speakers with global keyboard shortcuts.

Touch Bar support

The most useful controls are available from the MacBooks's Touch Bar. Also an integration with Better Touch Tool is available

Apple Script support

If you want to automate things. The app supports Apple Script to control it


Over 50,000 users worldwide use Menu Bar Controller for Sonos. Many have written about it


Great little helper

It's great to have Sonos controls at your fingertips in the menu bar while working on your MacBook. The fast response time is great. I don't need much functionality, I can start, stop and change the volume. That's all I need. And the App does a great job in that.


Great app, great support

Works out of the box and does a good job, keeping things simple and efficient. Support was awesome with a little issue I had with recently introduced shortcuts!


Sweet little tool

I love the fact that I can change tracks and my Sonos volume right from the menubar instead of switching to the Sonos app on my Mac (which is always in another desktop than the one I'm working in).

Menu Bar Controller in Action

Check out the video below to see how you can use MBC to control your Sonos system.

Frequently Asked Questions

See questions that have been asked frequently by users and early adopters

The app is available on the App Store. You can download it here
You need a Mac with macOS 10.12 or newer and at least one Sonos speaker. The new UI you can see on this website requires macOS 10.15 or newer. The app will still work on macOS 10.12, but use an old UI and only limited features will be added in the future. The speaker should have the newest Software update and you should have a Sonos Account
Open your the official Sonos App on your iPhone/iPad. Go to Settings -> Account settings. If you are logged in you can see you used e-mail address there
Checkout the Help section in the App. If this does not solve your problem. You can contact me.
No. Such a feature is not supported by the App. Sonos supports this feature with Apple AirPlay 2. You can find out more about it here
If you want to cover the app in media: Just send me an email or call me. I have collected and created useful assets here: PressKit

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